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Water Diplomacy Talks - - Professor Souleymane Bachir Diagne

New York, United States
Professor Diagne is based at Columbia University in New York where he is Director of the Institute of African Studies. His teaching stresses the importance of the relationship that humans have with natural resources, including water, and that this should not be a relationship of exploitation, dictated by short-term interest, but of harmony based on the human sense of our own inscription on nature, recognizing that natural resources are finite. In this conversation, the Professor expands upon water’s place in the founding myths of humanity’s origins and the symbology of water; describes how philosophy can inform humanity's relationship with water and other natural resources; the COVID-19 pandemic and lessons to be learned; Ubuntu thinking around human togetherness; water-related conflict and river basin cooperation in the Sahel; hopes for the 2021 World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal.

The conversation makes reference to the film and musical presentation Water and Peace at the Heart of the "Festival à Sahel Ouvert" which sheds a local, philosophical and cultural light on the challenges of water in the Sahel LINKED HERE

FURTHER READING - "Cultural Activities Connecting People To Water In The Sahel" is LINKED HERE