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"World's Largest" Agriculture Drainage Facility Opens In Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt

Egypt has officially opened the world’s largest agricultural drainage treatment, recycling and reuse plant in the northeastern city of Ismailia, east of the Suez canal.

The $100 Million USD Al Mahsamma facility, that can process up to 1 million cubic meters per day, will make a significant contribution to conservation of the natural ecology of Al Temsah Lake which has been impacted by wastewater disposal, treating the waste then draining it into the East Sinai canal.

The plant, which opened 23 April, will produce sufficient clean water to irrigate 70,000 acres in the Sinai, part of the government’s effort to develop the region through sustainable urban communities.

A joint venture of UAE-based Metito and Egypt’s Hassan Allam Construction, has secured a turn-key solution including engineering, construction, operations (EC&O), commissioning, operation and maintenance (O&M) for a period of five years.

Commenting at the official inauguration of the plant, Karim Madwar, managing director at Metito Africa said: “Metito is honored to play its part in this world-class mega national project located in the highly strategic east of the Suez Canal area.

“In this project, we make use of the latest technologies for the treatment of agricultural drainage to produce suitable water for irrigation and land reclamation, following the highest quality standard and specs set by the Egyptian government.” (Saudi Gazette) In particular, the IT-system employed within the plant will be able to monitor the effectiveness of site operations in order to ensure water quality consistent with industry standards.

The project was awarded the “Infrastructure Project of the Year” award at Dubai's 2019 Construction Innovation Awards.