“Blue Peace Voices” Series: Further Episodes Released

19 May 2020 by Staff - Water Diplomat

This OOSKAnews article was updated 29 May.

A series of nine interesting "Blue Peace Voices", short video presentations by global participants in the Blue Peace movement, were released in May.


Ilmas Futehally, Executive Director of Strategic Foresight Group (SFG), introduces this programme [SEE LINKS IN ARTICLE BELOW] of filmed “Blue Peace Voices”, in a series launched by the Mumbai-headquartered think-tank earlier this month. Describing the rationale for this initiative, Futehally says: “As we stay at home, trying to flatten the Corona-curve, we thought it would be constructive to start a dialogue on long-term perspectives on water…We reached out to a number of people, and got a tremendous response”!


In Episode Nine, Ilmas brings together three former classmates from the University of Lund- Clement Kopweh (Tanzania), Nicole Pfefferle (Tajikistan) and Lucia González Marin (Colombia) to hear their perspectives on water and how it will impact the future.

Episode Eight has video contributions from three women who have been involved with the Blue Peace movement since soon after its inception ten years ago:

  • Aysegul Kiberoglu: MEF University, Turkey
  • Reem Al Rwashdeh: Alrai Newspaper, Jordan
  • Marwa Osma: Press TV, Lebanon

In Episode Seven, we hear from three individuals who share concern from different perspectives about the fate of vulnerable communities, and future water impacts:

  • Beris Gwynne: Incitare, Switzerland
  • Hana Namrouqa: The Jordan Times, Jordan
  • VR Sowmithri: GIZ, India

Episodes Four, Five and Six are linked below:

Among other subject areas addressed in Episode Four are remote-sensing; forest fires; land-grabbing:

  • Aaron Salzburg: University of North Carolina, US
  • Alexander Verbeek: Institute for Planetary Security, Netherlands
  • Fred Mugira: Water Journalists Africa, Kenya

Episode Five: Looking outside the “Water Box”; Climate Change; New Technologies

  • Andras Szollosy-Nagy: National University of Public Service, Hungary
  • Chris Rich, US Water Partnership
  • Maria Del Carmen Ruiz: European External Action Service, Belgium

In Episode Six viewers hear about the future of Agro-technologies from Uri Shani, Agriculture Scientist and Innovator, Israel

Previous Episodes of "Blue Peace Voices":

CLICK HERE for Episodes One, Two and Three

SFG is a Mumbai, India-based international think-tank engaged in crafting new policy concepts that enable decision makers to prepare for a future in uncertain times. SFG has developed the Blue Peace approach that transforms trans-boundary water into an instrument for cooperation, with collaborative and sustainable strategies, shared by riparian countries.