NGO Will Advocate Integration Of Human Water, Sanitation Rights Into Governance Systems

28 May 2020 by Staff - Water Diplomat
GENEVA, Switzerland

Human Right 2 Water, a new international NGO launched in Switzerland 26 May, will provide a critical knowledge hub for the integration of human rights to water and sanitation into governance systems.

Now recognised as two separate human rights, both the right to water and the right to sanitation have become integrated into the constitutions of more than 50 countries. The vision of the new entity is to realise human rights to water and sanitation, globally. By sharing expert knowledge on how these rights should be integrated into law, policy and practice, the goal is to achieve safe and sustainable access to water and sanitation, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Human Right 2 Water is registered in Switzerland and will operate through a virtual structure, bringing together the skills of its membership and experts in water and sanitation governance and international human rights from around the globe.

Human Right 2 Water aspires that through the continued push for realising water and sanitation rights in law, policy and practice, that a wide range of human rights will follow-on, including the right to health, a healthy environment, food, and a life lived in dignity.