UNICEF Emphasises Urgency Of WASH Appeal For Yemen

17 Jun 2020 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
GENEVA, Switzerland

UNICEF has renewed its appeal for emergency funding to provide basic humanitarian aid for the people and children, in particular, of Yemen. At 12 June, the Fund's appeal for $479 Million USD had only been 38 percent supported, with critical gaps for emergency water, sanitation and hygiene operations, including for COVID-19 response. There are over 8 million people depending directly on the agency for WASH access. Nearly half are children, who are also highly vulnerable to the effects of conflict, internal displacement and cholera.

UNICEF underscored that it needs $30 Million USD by the end of June in order to maintain water, sanitation and hygiene services. Without this funding these services will have to shut down as there will be no ability to operate water pumping stations, de-sludge sewage or maintain already crumbling infrastructure. Basic family hygiene kits, that include soap, will also not be distributed.

In addition to COVID-19, over 137,000 cases of cholera and diarrhoea have been reported since the beginning of the year. It is estimated that about 25 percent of these are in children under the age of 5 years

UNICEF’s COVID response requires $48 Million USD immediately to support the following:

  • Provide PPE items and operations support to 25,000 frontline workers, including health staff.
  • Provide safe water and sanitation services for 900,000 people in isolation centers and quarantine facilities.
  • Procure oxygen concentrators and ventilators.

Marixie Mercado, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva, said at a press briefing “Children in the heart of the world’s worst humanitarian disaster need help. Funding Yemen’s WASH needs and COVID-19 response is critical to their survival. We appeal to donors to step up and dig even deeper to support this lifesaving work.