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Gambia Water Infrastructure To Benefit From World Bank Funding

Banjul, The Gambia

An additional $43 Million USD additional World Bank funding will be applied to The Gambia’s Electricity Restoration and Modernisation Project to include the water sector in the programme’s mandate, to strengthen the National Water and Electricity Company’s (NAWEC) transmission and distribution network, and to provide support to transform NAWEC into a credit-worthy utility.

In The Gambia nearly 59 percent of the population has no access to electricity and, in urban areas, about 31 percent have no access to safe drinking water. The quality of service is very poor and erratic with frequent service outages and lapses in delivery of water for days and weeks at a time in some areas. These shortcomings have been exacerbated by COVID-19.

The new funding will repair water storage tanks, install about 20,000 water meters, and construct and rehabilitate 17 km of power transmission lines.

“This support will build on the ongoing efforts of the government to strengthen the electricity and water sectors, and further boost the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic through communications and targeted investments including hand washing facilities in the Greater Banjul Area,” said Elene Imnadze, World Bank Resident Representative.

“This additional grant comes at an important moment in the reform process underway. We have already seen significant improvements in NAWEC’s performance. Additional resources will help to solidify these gains,” said Chris Trimble, Task Team Leader and Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank.