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Crisis Response Register For Water Professionals

LONDON, United Kingdom

Water professionals who are interested in offering assistance to disaster relief efforts can now register with a "Crisis Response Register", created in thte aftermath of the 4 August Beirut port explosion.

The new permanent service has been organised by the Water Action Platform under the auspices of Piers Clark, chairman of Isle Utilities, who commented “We are launching the Crisis Response Register for water professionals who feel they may have something they could contribute – be it for Beirut or any future disasters. Whether you work within a water utility directly, or are part of the supply chain - contractor, consultant, tech company - your input, and perhaps that of your organisation, could make a difference".

Clark further explained, “My thoughts turned to the water and sanitation challenges that this accident has created in a country which already had unsatisfactory infrastructure. Ensuring that there is no cholera outbreak and protecting (thousands of families) from Covid-19 are going to be particular challenges.”

There is no commitment associated with registering with the Crisis Response Register. Rather, the register is meant to serve as a clearinghouse for those who would be willing to be approached should a crisis occur where particular water sector skills could help. The service could work for individuals, organisations, or companies throughout the entire supply chain.

A brief video explaining the service and why it was formed can be viewed here.