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Malaysia To Invest In Water Supply Improvements, Target Reduction In Consumption


The government of Malaysia has announced an allocation of $2.3 Billion USD for improvements to the nation's water supply network.

Environment and Water Minister Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man made the announcement 3 August at the meeting of the lower house of parliament adding that a long-term approach needed to be taken with respect to water issues. There is also the possibility that water issues now managed in some regions by the Rural Development Ministry would be transferred to the Environment Ministry.

"Water catchment areas nationwide have also depleted, which was caused by land clearance for agriculture purpose like the Musang King (a durian variety) plantation. We hope that state governments will not issue any license near the water catchment areas," he commented.

Reducing Water Consumption

In addition, the government will launch a programme to reduce water consumption by 2025 from 219 litres per person per day (pppd) to about 180 litres pppd as compared to the recommended rate of 160 litres pppd.

“The awareness level among Malaysians plays an important role in reducing water consumption because they (the people) currently feel complacent as we have abundant water resources". This awareness program will include deployment of water-saving implement installed in water pipes to minimise the use of the water and information programs to offer information on rainwater collection and use.

At the meeting the former Environment Minister, Yuan Ibrahim suggested that the government review the water tariff, observing that it is low: “I agree that the water tariff in several states is very low and some states have not reviewed the water tariffs for 38 years, but the government is not ready to increase the burden of the people who are struggling with Covid-19, including layoffs and so on".