Skills And Knowledge For Water Cooperation - New Learning Opportunity

2 Sep 2020 by Staff - Water Diplomat

A new Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) designed to deliver skills and knowledge with respect to water cooperation has been launched by the Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) International Waters programme and Global Water Partnership (GWP).

Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security presents the multiple facets of what is required to manage shared water in a sustainable manner. Sharing is crucial as over 60 percent of the world’s freshwater resources cross national boundaries and 42 percent of the world’s population depend on their respective countries to cooperate over these shared water resources.

The MOOC consists of six modules that range from the fundamentals of transboundary water security to international water law, and include water diplomacy, negotiations, institutions, management tools, and sustainable finance.

Over 80 experts were consulted in the development of the MOOC’s curriculum. It has been released at the start of a new academic year with the view to offering educators a self-directed learning experience for students.

The course is also suitable for those working with river basin authorities, government officials, professional organisations, civil society organisations and networks, as well as the wider public interested in transboundary water issues.

The coordinators have commented.

“GEF IW:LEARN Project Manager, Mish Hamid, believes that the MOOC is timely and fills an important niche as a step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: “GEF IW:LEARN is well-positioned to respond to the priorities of the Global Environmental Facility’s International Waters focal area strategy, including enhancing water security in freshwater ecosystems. This MOOC provides experience from a global range of experts and GEF International Waters projects, enabling participants to gain insight into the challenges, complexities and opportunities of cooperation on shared water systems.”

GWP Senior Network & Transboundary Water Cooperation Specialist Yumiko Yasuda is excited about the opening of the course: “The world faces the urgent need to better manage our shared water resources affecting half of the global population. We have always seen the need for building capacity, particularly on the governance aspect of managing these resources. This MOOC allows us to provide an opportunity, on a massive scale – to anyone in the world interested in this".