World Should Rapidly Embark On Climate-Smart Security Strategy

23 Sep 2020 by Staff - Water Diplomat

Actors from across the security and climate fields came together at A Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) High-Level Panel on Water Diplomacy, "Together for Climate-Smart SecuritY", 21 September.

The panel discussed climate-smart security and the need to adopt an integrated approach to prevent, mitigate and resolve climate and security risks, along with the use of diplomacy in solving water disputes.

Speakers included Carl Skau from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, climate expert Professor Johan Rockström, Yana Abu Taleb, from EcoPeace Middle East, and Giovanni Romani from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Keynote speaker Carl Skau highlighted the importance of political will and regional co-operation for the future. “We now need to go from understanding the problem, to what we can do about it. How do we respond diplomatically? Programmatically?” he said.

Yana Abu Taleb talked about the importance of creating links between governments and constituents, to create a more inclusive approach to climate change and align grassroots actions with national decision-making. “This requires raising awareness among the most affected in the local communities,” Yana Abu Taleb said.

Professor Johan Rockström stressed the need to “recognise the scientific conclusion that we are at a state of planetary emergency and this requires transformative actions to avoid unmanageable outcomes. We need to invest in resilience. To recognise once and for all, that to avoid security tipping points, we need to have social, ecological and climatic resilience in societies.”