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Conservation Campaign Calls For $500 Billion USD Biodiversity Fund

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Conservation groups from over 50 countries have asked the United Nations Secretary General to call on Member States to commit to an initial $500 Billion USD fund to protect the natural world.

The launch of the new campaign, Our One Home, by Fauna & Flora International (FFI) coincided with thel United Nations Summit on Biodiversity on 30 September.

The open letter signed by almost 150 conservation groups has been endorsed by high profile environmentalist David Attenborough. The campaign is intended to provide a voice to “frontline” communities and organisations who are often denied access to key decision-making that is designed to protect the natural world.

The letter cites the crucial role biodiversity plays in human existence and urges governments to protect nature and to invest in the planet, now. It also encourages cessation of subsidies for out-dated and environmentally destructive economic activities such as fossil fuel extraction.

FFI fully supports local community involvement as a critical piece in successful implementation of any conservation effort. The campaign calls on governments to identify and establish local and national priorities and to direct funding to those organisations that would have maximum impact in implementing plans.

Attenborough said: “Our natural world is under greater pressure now than at any time in human history, and the future of the entire planet – on which every single one of us depends – is in grave jeopardy. We still have an opportunity to reverse catastrophic biodiversity loss, but time is running out. We urgently need world leaders and global businesses to acknowledge the crucial importance of nature, commit to investing in it, and unite behind a massive collective effort to conserve it.”

FFI chief executive Mark Rose is in no doubt about the urgency of the crisis: “We are in the midst of a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a great reset, where governments, businesses and public alike must seize the moment to tackle head on the conservation and extinction crisis we are facing. The natural world is crucial to human and economic health, but is under immense pressure and remains drastically underfunded.

“UN member states must take the lead in getting ahead of this crisis and putting funding into the hands of those who are best placed to use it – local conservation organisations who see first-hand the challenges facing the natural world and have the knowledge necessary to secure real change.”

The natural world is under great pressure and the future of the entire planet, on which everyone depends, is in serious jeopardy. Catastrophic biodiversity loss can be reversed but time is running short.

World leaders and global businesses must acknowledge the urgency of the situation, commit to investing in our future, and unite to create a massive collective effort to address the situation.