Carlsberg Awarded For World's Most Water Efficient Brewery

Water Recycling And Energy Consumption Reduction Key

1 Nov 2021 by Local Press Report

Carlsberg Group has been named as recipients of the 2021 Lighthouse Awards for a revolutionary water recycling plant inaugurated in 2021, which will make the Fredericia brewery in Denmark the most water efficient brewery in the world. The revolutionary technology recycles 90% of the process water, and will halve water use from 2.9hl per hl of beer to just 1.4 hl/hl, saving around 500 million litres a year. By processing the water to generate biogas and recirculating hot water, the plant is also expected to cut brewery energy consumption by around 10%. The learnings will support Carlsberg to reach its target to virtually eliminate water waste globally by 2030.

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