Johor Flooding: Crown Prince To Find ‘Permanent Solution’

More Than 5,000 Displacements Reported

12 Jan 2022 by OOSKAnews Correspondent
JOHOR, Malaysia

The crown prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, has vowed to find a ‘permanent solution’ to the state's flooding problem after recent floods ravaged across local districts forcing thousands to flee their homes.

According to the prince, flood mitigation efforts should be targeted at improving sewerage and drainage systems, implementing more effective river management, and developing better disaster protocols.

“Floods are a problem that occur almost every year,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “Although there have been improvements in flood mitigation efforts since ... 2006, I intend to find a permanent solution to the flood problem in Johor.”

Intermittent downpour in the southern state at the beginning of the year, saw more than 5,000 residents displaced and housed at 79 temporary relief centres that had been opened to accommodate victims.

The Segamat district was hit the hardest, with more than 4,000 flood victims reported.

Since December 17, 2021, tens of thousands of people across Malaysia have been displaced due to flooding caused by unusually heavy rainfall.

Prince Tunku has announced a river cleaning programme which will commence next month in Johor, in addition to special programmes to raise awareness of the importance of keeping rivers clean.

The current flood situation in Johor is continuing to improve with the number of flood victims dropping to 1,044 as of Jan 12.

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