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The OOSKAnews International Water Weekly

We offer a paid subscription service to the OOSKAnews International Water Weekly, the world's leading source of news and intelligence related to water.

Associated benefits of subscription are levels of access to our database archive of 50,000 global water-related news articles, dating back to 2006.

Subscriptions are offered to individuals, researchers, government agencies, corporate entities and NGOs, with a gradated price-range depending on your needs.

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The OOSKAnews Archive

Our archive database amounts to more than 48,000 published news stories. We believe that it's the world's most substantive archive of international water news. Comprehensive archive database access is made available to institutional subscription license holders and other researchers. Please contact us if you have specific research needs we can assist with. We like to help!

The Water Diplomat

The Water Diplomat, a monthly publication produced in collaboration with the Geneva Water Hub, is a free resource which aims to raise awareness of global water challenges in the public, political and media domains.


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