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  1. Latin America and Caribbean Need $249 Billion Investment for Urban Water Coverage by 2030: UN-HABITAT

    A total of $249 billion USD is needed to improve urban water coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2030, with additional investment needed for wastewater treatment plants, sanitation and drainage works, according to a new UN-HABITAT report presen ...

    OOSKAnews Corre... - 12/05/2012 - 10:27

  2. Blairmont, Ithaca Residents Protest Water Service Disruption

    2 Dec 2008- 06:50 by Local Press Report GEORGETOWN, Guyana Starbroek News (Guyana) Residents of Blairmont and Ithaca held protests over disruptions in water service. Water provision stopped after a pump burned out. Residents complained that the pump was n ...

    Local Press Report - 01/13/2011 - 12:00